Transport and Logistics

What we do | Our services

Risk analysis and proposal of best alternatives to suit your needs

Ongoing evaluation and recommendation at time of renewal

Administration of Policy Contracts and Receipts

Claims assessment and handling

Focus on our clients’ requirements

Management and update of Insurance Programmes

Insurance products adjusted to the needs of the client, in the best market conditions and from first-line insurers.


We cover our clients’ operations across the World and their needs in all different Transport forms: Land, Marine, Airfreight or Multi-modal; regardless of cargo type, General, Project Cargo, Controlled Temperature and Frozen, ADR, Large Volume, Pharmaceutical, Art, etc.


  • Carriers and Logistics Operators, encompassing all types of activities
  • Freight Forwarders, Customs and Ship Agents
  • Cargo Owners
  • Ports and Terminals
  • Cargo Handling Facilities
  • Project Cargo
  • Fleets of vehicles: Carriers and Industrial/Special vehicle owners
  • Rental, Leased vehicles Fleets and Car dealerships, including insurance distribution agreements
  • Recreation boats

Main products

  • Liabilities for loss or damage to cargo
  • Errors and omissions
  • All Risk (Cargo)
  • Auto/Vehicle Third Party Liability
  • Own damages/Casco Coverage
  • Travel Assistance for vehicles
  • Ports, Terminals and Cargo handling Liabilities
  • Shippers’ Liability
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Third Party and Employer Liability
  • ALOP
  • CAR and EAR
  • Yacht Hull and Liability
  • Country Risk Coverage
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Bonds

Why are we special

  • Highly qualified team with more than 25 years of professional experience, specialized in the Transport and Fleet vehicles sectors
  • Our role goes beyond the traditional services of a broker and we act as a specialized consultant in the entire field of insurable risk management, issuing recommendations in the day-to-day management of our clients
  • Customer-orientated organization: Independent, with a commitment to quality and transparency. The customer is the center of our attention and we focus our work to provide a personalized service, regardless of client’s size
  • Designated Account executives and claims managers (as required, by Insurance segment) for each client
  • Ongoing training and Knowledge of the newest products
  • Specific action protocols with insurers, which allow us to speed up the resolution of claims, always in defense of the interests of the insured, acting with transparency (access to expert reports, etc.)
  • Strong position that allows us to leverage our position with insurers, always in favour of our clients’ interests.
  • Internal computer tools to allow 360º approach towards the client (CRM, etc.), plus tailor-made ones, which allow us to offer 24/7 services, through the web or intranet, including online issuance of policies and/or certificates of Transport, communication and management of claims, etc.
  • Members of the main international network of brokers (WBN), which allows us to implement and manage international programs, with the guarantee of maximum quality in the local service of subsidiaries and / or related companies
  • Our clients place their trust in us for many years, thanks to our service and we are proud to boast long-term business relationships, in many cases since we initiated our operation, despite being subject to intense competition every year
  • Wide recognition as one of the few specialist brokers in the market
  • Prestige in the sector, the result of professionalism and the maintenance of stable relationships with our suppliers, without prejudice to our independence.

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