ASD Health Project

What is autism? It is a neurological disorder that affects 1% of the population for the development of communication skills, language and social relationship.

Health insurance for the group of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) includes surgery and hospitalization, medical assistance, diagnostic tests and treatments.

Gescobert is a broker specialized in insurance for special groups. For several years we have been working to defend the improvement of the quality of life and health of people with ASD and their families. We intend to achieve the integration of people with Autism or Asperger in the field of health.

We have created the first national insurance for people with ASD

For us it is essential that both medical teams and all those involved in health assistance, have adequate training to provide the adequate service to our clients.

We collaborate in the creation of specialized multidisciplinary units in prestigious hospitals with professional experts committed to the ASD collective.

We have a specialist medical team.

Our special Health TEA policy covers, in addition to conventional medical care that includes any other policy, the following special services:

  • Psychology
  • Home family assistance coverage for children under 16 years of age:
  • Assistance to take care of your children
  • Displacing a family member to your home for child care
  • Transfer of children to a relative’s home
  • Accompaniment to the school
  • Help assistant for domestic tasks
  • Drugs delivery servicet
  • Urgent message management
  • Hairdresser at home
  • Physiotherapy at home
  • Logotherapy at home
  • chiropody at home

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